Thursday, February 17, 2011

G visits and W turns 6!

Willa had a big day last week.  On Thursday she had both her 100th day of school celebration and her 6th birthday.  She'd been asking to bring cupcakes to school on her birthday, then we learned that she needed to bring 100 somethings to school that day.   I had to put my foot down and say, "I am not making 100 cupcakes!".   Well, she didn't really ask, but I think both our minds went there right away.

As I was looking around and brainstorming, the second thing I thought of was wine corks (I have a quite few hoarded).  Probably not a great idea.... but at least it wasn't tampons like my friend sadistically wanted to send.

Anyway, I decided it would be cool to cut 100 different samples from my paper stash, and perhaps make a collage I could give to the class or... something.  I thought this despite the fact that the note said "bring to share" and Willa's warning that she thought it was supposed to be food, or at least something to give to everyone to enjoy.  So, I happily cut 100 one inch pieces from scraps of paper.  It took an afternoon.  Not too bad, and I was having fun as I was playing with my stash and getting to hang out with my good friend, Greta, who was visiting.  I decided not to put it together into a collage just yet, because of the "sharing" suggestion.  

We had a great weekend with G!  It was like she'd never left.  We didn't do much but hang around the house.  W had a fever Friday night and it was kind of cold and snowy.  G and the kids made a snowman on Sunday.

Post snow-play cocoa.  That's Uni in bottom right enjoying her cup.

On Monday Willa brought home another note from teacher stating that, indeed, she would prefer the 100 things to be edible, or at least shareable.  Sigh.  It took me a minute to let go of my idea.  Tuesday was an inservice day and W did not have school, so off we went to the grocery store.  We got stuff for birthday cupcakes and W got to pick out what she wanted for her 100 things.  She chose licorice chunks.  Then I (always having to make things more complicated), decided they would be kind of sticky, so I bought mini paper baking cups to put them in.

It was fun, counting out the cups (except for Cal's continual quest to mess them up) and putting the chunks in, less fun stapling the cups shut.

 On Thursday, Willa was sent to school loaded with 15 cupcakes and 100 pieces of licorice.  I took some time that day to make this (dammit, I will not be thwarted):

100 pieces for 100 days. I gave it W for 100 days and her birthday.  Now we just need to find a place to put it.

Willa had a good day at school and we went to Friendly's (her fave) for supper.  She got a few presents (Thank you notes will be done soon!).  Her big party, though, was held on Sunday.  I'll tell you about that next time, as now I have to go get the boy from preschool.

We miss you!

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