Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pictorial catch up

 More snow days this week!  Two, due to the "Colossal Storm".  We did get lots of snow (as you'll see at end of blog) and it's getting ridiculous out there.   But there weren't "Frigid Temperatures" unless you think 20° is frigid.  I guess I'm the wrong person to assess that.  I'm sure we didn't get the worst of it (Chicago), though many a shoveling joke has been going around Facebook among those who live in New England referencing the ice planet, Hoth and regrets over resolutions to get in shape. 

I've decided to do a quick photo catch up as I'm way behind and all you guys care about are the photos anyway.  So here goes:

Painting weekend with Heather.  The kids loved it!  They stressed me out! Yes, Cal is in his underwear again.

Heather, the master painter, at work. We painted the dining room and the entryway/staircase.

Valentine construction.

Here are some of Willa's.  We covered matchboxes with paper, a la Inchmark.  Ours aren't as perfect.

I made W's birthday party invitations the same day.  Obviously these are for a yoga unicorn party.

Cal's valentines.  We put erasers in Willa's and tatoos in Cal's.

The finished product. We attached a sticker with ribbon.

Our ice banner celebrating the coldest day of the year (so far).

It doesn't look like this anymore!  I think it has one green ice cube hanging on for dear life!

Cal at his preschool's music show.  He was supposed to be singing with them, but melted down and sat on my lap the whole time.

Here is a blurry image of the other kids.  Cal seemed to enjoy their performance though.

At the Model Railroad Show.  Three large fairgrounds building full!  Whew!

The kids' area at the show.  There was a lot of Thomas stuff.

This was my favorite model.  It was in the kids' area and full of crazy things.

Dad and kids ride the "train".

Snow day! The kids play with their "computers".

Our deck on 2/3/11. 

Nick spent 6 hours shoveling one day and 4 the next. Ugh!
There it is. You are all up to date.  As you know, we miss you.

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