Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yoga and Yunicorns: W's Birthday

When Willa and I talked about her party this year, her first word was "Unicorn!"  I had already had sort of planned to do a yoga party at a nearby studio.  W loves yoga since she took it in preschool.  When I mentioned yoga, she said "Yeah, yoga AND unicorns!".  So that is what we went with.

While planning and looking for supplies I could not find a single unicorn in all of Michaels!  The kind-of-punk check-out woman said "I'm not surprised." with a smirk.  I'm not sure what that meant.   Then I had to go on a bit of a safari (maybe not such an appropriate term to use here) to find a unicorn balloon.  I was kind of shocked by all this lack of unicorn love.  I thought they were quite popular, though perhaps they are "so last year" or something.

Finding the cake- or cupcakes in this case- to make was actually easy!  I thought I would just put a printed cupcake topper on them, but then I found this.  These were really easy.  I frosted them and Willa put the faces on.  I should admit I had made the snouts in advance, so all she had to do was stick them on.  They are pretty "snouty" looking, as one of you said, but they were a hit.

"Aren't I cute and delicious?"


The party was really fun.  There were nine kids, which was a good sized group for yoga and it seemed they all enjoyed themselves.  They did yoga first and snacks and gifts after.
Willa looks like she's having fun.
Cousin Fiona performs one-legged pigeon pose.
I believe they are "growing plants" in the "yoga garden".
Cousin Evie pretending to be a fish.
Downward facing dog. Well, most of them, anyway.
Now they are a huge sunflower in the garden.
Camryn using her snout in new ways.

It was really fun and relaxing.  How many kids' parties does everyone get to lay down and close their eyes for several minutes?  That was W's favorite part, "the nap" as she called it.   We had a great time, but of course, we wish you could have been there. 

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  1. If you are considering being persuaded otherwise by punk cashiers and clueless buyers for all the party stores, listen to this: http://www.kitchensisters.org/girlstories/horses-unicorns-dolphins/

    What a cute party! I wish I'd been there too.