Friday, July 1, 2011

More adventures in Boston

Every May dad goes to Boston for the Massachusetts Teachers Association conference.  The last two years we have tagged along.  Again, the kids and I have fun, while Dad gets to sit in a conference center discussing the annual budget, whether the union should support the single payer health plan and membership of charter school teachers.  Poor dad.   Here's my 2 favorite pictures from last years trip.

Boston Public Garden

Last year, during this trip, we visited the aquarium for the first time.  This year, we went back as they just opened their new shark and ray touch tank.   Since you've already seen several pictures of the aquarium, I'll stick to the new stuff.

The tank is really lovely, easy to access even for Cal and the rays, at least, have no fear (the sharks had no interest in us, either as a snack or for affection). The rays readily swim against your hand or even bump right into your arm.  Willa was a little tentative at first, but then warmed up the idea.  Cal was up to his armpit in the water right away.  By the time we were done, half his shirt was wet, so I bought him a glow in the dark shark shirt from the aquarium.  

We hit all the highlights again, but also used our passes to see an IMAX show.  It was in 3D, a new experience for all of us.  Cal watched most of it without his glasses on.  Willa kept reaching out, hoping to touch the fish.  We all became intimately acquainted with the cuttlefish, which is quite a fascinating creature.  

One of the most bizarre incidents of the trip, or maybe my life happened in the restroom on the way out of the aquarium.  I was helping Cal get soap from the dispenser, which was the long metal tube type that reaches out over the sink.  He had put his hand right up against the opening and when I pushed it down to dispense the soap, it sprayed up into my face.  This was kind of funny for about 10 seconds, until my eyes started burning.  I was cursing and crying and rinsing my eyes for a good 10 minutes, then just had to sit with my eyes closed on a bench outside until I stopped hurting enough to open my eyes.   I was red eyed and squinty most of the way home, though the kids seemed not to notice.
Sharing a seat on the T on the way home from the aquarium.

The next day we went to the Boston Children's Museum, which was level upon level of FUN!  I think we got to everything, but I'm not sure.  
Bubble room

W's science experiment

Many of the pictures turned out like this.

This was a huge climbing thing in the center of the place. I think it was three floors high. Cal loved it. Willa has recently acquired a fear of heights, so she didn't climb very high.  Cal went to the top and back down. There are times where you can't see your kid at all.  A lot of parents are standing around the bottom looking up.  I think there is an "emergency" exit near the top... 

She can't resist a dance floor.

Willa's favorite part: looking at the turtle butts.

We were pretty exhausted after.  Poor Dad. We were a little late coming back from the Children's Museum, but it didn't matter, as he was locked in the room with all the other teachers pending a vote (I think).   Fun.

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