Monday, May 23, 2011

the grass has riz...

Our winter was long.  We had a lot of snow and it took forever to be gone, but when it finally did, we were outside.  (I really shouldn't complain, as friends and relatives in the NoDak had it much worse).

 Here are some shots from a few early spring outdoor adventures:
Fairy house in garden.  We even did a little landscaping.

Fairy house under apple tree.  A bit sturdier in a three-little-pigs sense of the word, but no landscaping.

Cal and fairy house.

Some digging in the herb bed produced some earthworms.  Cal is not eating it. (someone asked)

Willa's worm vacation condo.

Kite flying. 

Happiness is the sun on your face after a long winter.

1 comment:

  1. Did I really not comment before?
    The kite-flying pics, in particular, are some of the most perfect I've ever seen. :)

    Also, landscaping the fairy house is a nice touch.