Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last week was very, very wet.  After a dry, but beautiful September, the rain came.  Lots of rain.  Thursday I drove through three puddles that I was kind of afraid to drive through.  Enormous puddles.  During one crossing, a tiny, low Mercedes sports car was coming through the other way.  I felt kind of bad for him, but kind of not.  (A touch of schadenfreude, sorry.)  So I can't say we did much in the way of adventuring.  The one day it was sunny and nice, I proposed an adventure, but was reminded that I promised the kids they could watch Star Wars, which, of course can not be postponed, even for nice weather.

I did get them to compromise (I'm trying to teach Willa about this) and we all went for a dog walk, during which we picked up leaves for a leaf garland.  Here it is:

As you can see, it is 1/2 done.  It has been too wet to collect leaves or we have been otherwise occupied since then.  So, it remains unfinished.  It is raining again today.

The weekend was not rainy. Saturday was even sunny!  Nick proposed we check out Chesterfield Gorge.  The gorge has been described as a "dramatic rock canyon" featuring "70-foot high walls carved by glacial melt," i.e. the Westfield River.   His thinking: It's rained a lot, I bet it's really moving!  And it was.  As we walked along the cliff top protected by a fence (and lots of hand-holding and warnings from parents) we were granted amazing views!  Dramatic is the correct adjective!

Action Cal!  He doesn't walk anymore, but jumps and runs.
Yes, Willa is wearing 2 different socks.

They went a bit sticker crazy before we left.

Should've flipped this. If you tilt your head to the left, this stump looks like a gnome.

An artsy shot.

We finished up our explorations of the gorge with time to spare, so we decided to check out Glendale Falls, touted as one of the longest and most powerful waterfalls in Massachusetts.   This is another short walk, this time down the falls area where you continually get spectacular views.  We did some rock scrambling and tree root climbing, until the kids and I found the marked path with stairs cut into the slope.  It was kind of hidden, so it was sort of like coming upon a fairy path or ancient ruin.  Like we weren't meant to find it.  Kind of magical.  I'm probably over-romanticizing it...
Meanwhile Nick continued on the path of most resistance to the bottom, all the while taking amazing photos!

Willa poses at the top.

Nick said "Janelle, you are blocking Cal's head."  So I moved.  Ugh.

Nick helping Cal cross a tiny stream using stepping stones.
 Everyone's impression was "Wow!"

Sunday was less active, for me at least.
Nick arranged to meet several college friends in Worcester, where my friend, Josephine lives.  Josie and I try to meet up once a month or so to let our kids play and we can talk.  Nick and company arranged to meet at Coney Island Hot Dogs and not being one to pass up a chance to go there, Josie and I met there as well.  The kids usually eat hot dogs, but not this time (a few bites).  They would rather hang out by the jukebox with their friend Harry.

I wish I had taken pictures of Coney Island.  It's a classic old place with an intact (really cool) neon sign.  To check it out click here.

Josie and I escaped to her condo and spent a relaxing afternoon together, interrupted periodically by the needs of our kids.

Snack time

Willa created some awesome art, Cal enjoyed Harry's cool trucks and tools and Harry enlightened us all on his Bakugan and Ben 10 characters.

It was very nice, but we missed you though. 

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  1. Lovely! I'm so glad other people have and use cameras.